Peru’s President of Congress Moves Closer to Becoming the Country’s Next President

Francisco Sagasti of Peru’s centrist Purple Party is set to become the country’s third president in the span of a week after most of the Congress voted him chairman of the legislative body.Sagasti became interim president by congressional action Monday because Peru currently has no president or vice president and the head of Congress is the next in line.Peru’s state-run Adina news agency reports once Sagasti rises to leader of the country, Mirtha Vasque, who was chosen Vice Chairwoman, will become head of the Congress.Sagasti will be charged with trying to begin reconciliation in the country following a week of turmoil over the Congressional ouster of popular ex-President Martín Vizcarra.Manuel Merino, who was sworn in as the interim president last Tuesday after his colleagues voted to impeach Vizcarra, abruptly resigned on Sunday, leaving Peru without a leader.Many Peruvians are hopeful Sagasti’s appointment will mark the end to a week of protests, which left two young men dead and dozens of others injured.

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