Peru Lawmakers Set to Swear-in New Leader After Voting to Remove President From Office 

Peruvian legislators are set to swear-in a new leader Tuesday, a day after voting overwhelmingly to oust the country’s popular president, Martin Vizcarra.  During a national address Monday evening, Vizcarra said he would not put up a legal battle to keep his job after lawmakers took action to remove him from office, citing his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. A large number of legislators said they voted against Vizcarra on behalf of loved ones who died.  Vizcarra also said during his address that his conscious is at peace and that he has fulfilled his duty, adding he hopes to find out what the background motives were that resulted in lawmakers voting to remove him from office. Large crowds gathered Monday in Peru’s capital, Lima, chanting slogans denouncing the action by the Congress. The legislators initially sought to impeach Vizcarra on an allegation he received more than $630,000 in kickbacks for construction projects while serving as governor in southern Peru from 2011-2014.  So far, the corruption allegations under investigation have not been verified. 

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