Spaniards Protest Against Former King Amid Corruption Allegations

Spaniards demonstrated against the monarchy Saturday as allegations of corruption against former King Juan Carlos, King Felipe’s father, continue to mount.Wearing masks and observing social distancing to adhere to coronavirus restrictions, protesters in Madrid waved Republican flags.”Now more than ever, amid a health crisis, a crisis of the system, we have a head of state who is stealing in front of our faces is even more outrageous than ever,” said Mar Hernandez, a teacher. “We had to come here to prove it.”Felipe had already renounced any inheritance from his father when the corruption allegations surfaced in mid-March. He has also ended Juan Carlos’ palace allowance.“I think that corruption has to be something much more serious, we should all be here today in the first place, all representing our people saying how much more they will continue to steal, and nothing will happen,” said Raquel Boca, a retiree.In June, Spain’s Supreme Court initiated an investigation into the former king’s involvement in a high-speed rail contract with Saudi Arabia after Switzerland’s La Tribune de Geneve newspaper reported Juan Carlos had received $100 million from the late Saudi king.Juan Carlos has repeatedly declined to comment on the allegations. 

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