Hospital Staff Alleged to Play ‘Racist’ Game, Targeting Indigenous People

At least one hospital in Canada’s British Columbia province is under investigation after allegations that healthcare staff made up a “racist” game that involved guessing the alcohol level of Indigenous patients in the emergency room. British Columbia Health Minister Adrian Dix said if the allegations are true the staff’s behavior was “racist and completely abhorrent.”  He said the staff members might have targeted other racial groups in the game said to be called ‘The Price Is Right,’ after a popular television game show.The health minister did not identify the hospital but said all hospitals in the province would be investigated for racist practices. The allegation about the game was revealed during a cultural training session for healthcare workers. The BBC reports that Daniel Fontaine, CEO of Metis Nation British Columbia filed a formal complaint.Fontaine told the BBC the government has known about racism in the healthcare system for years. 

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