Tropical Storm Warning Issued for Mexico  

A day after the 2020 hurricane season began, the National Hurricane Center warns if Tropical Depression 3 in the Gulf of Mexico strengthens it could become the next named storm, Cristobal.  A tropical storm warning has been posted for the Mexican coast, with forecasters saying the weather system could move through the Gulf of Mexico over the next few days.   The storm is a remnant of Tropical Storm Amanda, which is blamed for killing at least 17 people in El Salvador and Guatemala, where heavy rains caused flooding and landslides. El Salvador President Nayib Bukele decreed a State of National Emergency for 15 days and Civil Protection issued a red alert for the entire country after the storm displaced several thousand people and destroyed hundreds of homes.  El Salvador Interior Minister Mario Durán said the storm exposed how vulnerable the country is, citing what he called a lack of investment in infrastructure. 

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