Scores of Jamaicans Stranded By Coronavirus Restrictions Returning Home

A second cruise line vessel repatriating nearly 180 Jamaican crew members is due to arrive on the island Tuesday, a day after more than 100 other citizens disembarked from a cruise ship under the government’s controlled re-entry program. The luxury liners had been idled since late March after the government closed seaports and airports to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The Jamaica Observer newspaper said a Norwegian Cruise Line ship returned 174 Jamaican crew members to their homeland Monday; the first of three ships expected to bring more than 500 citizens home this week.  Last week, more than 1,000 Jamaicans disembarked from a Royal Caribbean cruise liner that docked last Tuesday. Twelve Jamaicans on board tested positive for coronavirus. Jamaica is allowing citizens to return home as the country begins to gradually reopen while keeping restrictions in hot spots that are still seeing a rise in infections.  Jamaica has confirmed more than 500 COVID-19 cases and at least nine deaths. 

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