COVID-19 Outbreak Peaking and Will Begin a Slow Decline, Peru’s President Says

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra said the rate of coronavirus cases is peaking and will begin a gradual decline as the country moves into the “final stage” of a lockdown which began more than two months ago.Vizcarra said until the lockdown ends on May 24, citizens will remain under a nightly curfew and social distancing will be enforced at markets, other businesses and on public transportation.Vizcarra said some markets in Lima temporarily closed after more than half the merchants in the capital city tested positive for coronavirus.Peru has the second-highest rate of coronavirus cases in Latin America, with Wednesday’s count reaching 76,306.Peru’s health ministry said 2,169 people have died from the virus.Peru’s all-important mining, fishing and construction industries have already begun a measured restart of operations. 

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