Dozens Die in Mexico’s Latest Surge of Tainted Alcohol Cases

Mexico’s death toll from tainted alcohol has soared to at least 70 in the past two weeks, with dozens of deaths occurring since Sunday.Authorities said at least 40 people died on Mother’s Day after drinking tainted alcohol in Puebla and Morelos.Officials said at least 20 victims died in Chiconcuautla, Puebla, after consuming a local drink called Refino, which may have been tainted with methanol.Puebla State Interior Secretary David Méndez said the victims were among dozens of people attending a funeral last weekend.The mayor’s office in Puebla declared a health emergency and people are being urged not to drink alcohol, and if they do and require medical attention, the mayor is promising a full investigation.Meanwhile, 15 other people died in two jurisdictions in Morelose state, south of the capital, Mexico City, after drinking an unnamed alcohol that was later confiscated by authorities.Late last month, 28 victims died In Jalisco state after drinking El Chorrito, cane alcohol tainted with methanol.Authorities have not said publicly whether the surge in Mexico’s tainted alcohol deaths is related to the coronavirus restrictions, which included the closing of many alcohol retailers. 

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