Rio Suburb Tighten Restrictions to Slow COVID-19 Spread

The Brazilian city of Niteroi, adjacent to Rio de Janeiro, is increasing its restrictive measures to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.Authorities in Niteroi are now restricting people from other jurisdictions to enter its region.People in healthcare and other jobs classified as essential will be the only ones allowed to enter the city without restrictions.Authorities says local government workers and policemen are checking documents of people entering the city and taking their temperature.People in Niteroi, a city of 500-thousand, must stay at home unless traveling for something that is essential.Niteroi’s tightening of restrictions comes just as President Jair Bolsonaro deemed gyms and hair salons as essential services that can stay open through the new coronavirus outbreak, although the country is still seeing an increase in new cases and deaths.Niteroi has registered 756 of the 17,000 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in the state of Rio de Janeiro, and 43 deaths.Brazil has 168,331 confirmed cases of the virus and 11,519 deaths.

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