Captured U.S Contractor says Venezuelan President was Target of Foiled Attack

Venezuela has aired a video in which captured U.S. contractor Airon Berry said Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was a target of Sunday’s foiled raid.This is the second video released by the Venezuelan government purporting to show the questioning of Berry and fellow security contractor Luke Denman, both former members of the U.S. Special Forces.In the video aired Thursday, Berry said the Venezuelan Intelligence Services and the airport tower were also targets.Maduro insists the men were operating under the direction of the White House.President Donald Trump has denied any U.S. involvement in the raid.Jordan Goudreau, operator of a Florida-based security contracting company implicated in the botched mission, has said he was unable to convince the Trump administration to support his plan for a private coup.Maduro announced Thursday that the government will attempt to extradite Goudreau for allegedly participating in the raid.Authorities allege the men traveled by speedboat from neighboring Colombia to the Venezuelan port city of La Guaira. Eight people were killed in the foiled attack.Venezuela authorities said Thursday that they have now captured 23 people involved in the incident.

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