Brazil’s Ex-Justice Minister Reportedly Said President Personally Pushed for New Police Chief in Rio 

Former Brazilian Justice Minister Serigo Moro has reportedly told investigators that President Jair Bolsonaro wanted to personally pick the head of the federal police office in Rio de Janeiro to get access to ongoing investigations that involve his sons. Brazilian news outlets said Moro made the allegation during a lengthy deposition last Saturday, according to documents they obtained and published Tuesday. Moro reportedly said the president told him “you have 27 police superintendents. I only want one, in Rio de Janeiro.”  Rio is Bolsonaro’s hometown and where his two sons are prominent politicians:  Flavio, a senator, and Carlos, a Rio city councilman.  Both sons are under investigation for various allegations by local prosecutors and police.   Moro, a popular anti-corruption crusader, abruptly resigned from Bolsonaro’s cabinet last month after the president fired the federal police chief. Moro accused the president of trying to interfere in ongoing investigations, although he did not specify which investigations.   Bolsonaro has denied inappropriate motives for the changes and that he is trying to deflect criminal probes targeting his sons. Bolsonaro’s proposed pick for the Rio de Janeiro police chief was rejected by Brazilian lawmakers.   Brazil’s Supreme Court, which ordered an investigation into Moro’s claims, gave prosecutors permission Tuesday to interview three members of Bolsonaro’s cabinet in connection with the probe. The court rejected Bolsonaro’s first choice to replace the federal police chief due to reports of a longstanding close relationship. 

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