Protesters in Brazil Support President Rejecting Stay-at-Home Guideline

Supporters of Brazil’s president protested Sunday in Brasilia against stay-at-home guideline issued by some states to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Jair Bolsonaro has repeatedly rejected both the dangers the virus presents and lockdown policies. “The whole of Brazil complains. Go back to work (they say). This irresponsible destruction of jobs from some governors is unacceptable. The price will be very high in the future: hunger, unemployment, misery. This is not good,” Bolsonaro said. After the firing of the federal police chief prompted the resignation of Minister of Justice and Public Security Sérgio Moro amidst the controversy of how to handle the COVID-19 pandemic, Bolsonaro proposed a replacement for the police chief, but Brazil’s Congress did not accept the nomination. The president accused the legislative body of “interference.” “We want the true independence of the three powers, not only a fraction of the constitution. We don’t want that. Enough with interference, we won’t admit any more interference, I’m being very clear, patience has run out,” Bolsonaro said.Bolsonaro did not wear a face mask as he met with supporters who were allowed into the courtyard of the presidential palace.  Sunday’s protest took place while Brazil seems headed towards a major public health emergency and economic meltdown. 

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