Mexico City Street Performers Request Government Help Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Street performers in Mexico City marched through the Mexican capital Thursday to showcase their request for the government’s financial help after being sidelined for more than a month by restrictions aimed at containing the spread of the coronavirus.The performers dressed as superheroes and clowns made their pitch before a supportive audience as Mexico celebrated Children’s Day.Jose Amado Villegas, a professional clown, made an affectionate appeal for public  support in getting the government to act on their behalf, saying to all the children who did not see clowns in their schools, who did not see clowns in parks, who did not see clowns at the national level, “we are here to give joy to all children.”There was no immediate government response to the street performers’ appeal.Meantime, the performers could be heading into tougher days ahead, with health authorities anticipating the month of May to be the most difficult in the pandemic for Mexico, possibly reducing their chances of resuming their livelihoods.So far, Mexico has reported 19,224 COVID-19 cases and 1,859 deaths. 

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