32 People Poisoned Drinking Tainted Alcohol in Mexico-half of the Victims Died

Mexican news agencies say the Ministry of Health confirmed 32 people in the state of Jalisco were poisoned recently and half of them died after drinking a name brand cane alcohol. Authorities suspect the 96-proof brand of El Chorrito was tainted with high levels of methanol during the production process. Authorities were alerted to the first victims on Saturday in Mazamitla and Tamazula.  A 66-year old woman died and another woman was hospitalized. The 30 other victims are men in their 20’s to early 80’s. The state prosecutor’s office says it will launch an investigation into the poisonings, including a review of El Chorrito’s parent company, Grupo Sáenz. Last year in Costa Rica at least 20 people died from drinking methanol laced Alcohol. 

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