Bogota’s History-Making Mayor-Elect Weds Partner in Colombia

The first woman to be elected mayor of Colombia’s capital city has married her partner in a private civil ceremony before taking office.Claudia Lopez announced her wedding to Angelica Lozano Monday evening by sharing an enthusiastic message and several photographs on social media.”On my way to the happiest moment of my life!” Lopez wrote on Twitter.The incoming mayor of Bogota, who takes office in January, thanked her bride for “loving me always” and promised “to honor and love” her the rest of their days. Photographs show the pair dressed in white, holding a simple bouquet of flowers and smiling.The couple’s union has become a rallying cause among supporters promoting LGBT rights in the traditionally conservative, Catholic country – though Colombia has permitted gay marriage since a landmark Constitutional Court ruling in 2016.Lozano told Colombia’s BLU Radio that the couple has tried to marry previously but their schedules made organizing a wedding complicated.”We told ourselves, `We have to do it now or another four years will pass by,” Lozano said. “Because Claudia’s priority the next four years will be her job.”When she is sworn into office, Lopez will become the first openly lesbian mayor of a capital city in Latin America, a region slowly advancing in improving LGBT rights but where long-standing cultural biases and inequality remain barriers.Lopez has been making waves in Colombia for years, starting from her days as an analyst shedding light on corruption in the highest echelons of power. In her personal life, she’s been equally upfront and transparent, sharing a passionate kiss with Lozano as the election results came in during the October vote for Bogota mayor.Few details about the ceremony were released, but Lopez said their white pant suits were crafted by Colombian designer Angel Yanez.”Thank you life for this marvelous year!” Lopez hailed on social media. “I graduated with my doctorate, won mayoral office and married the love of my life!” 

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