Sweden Drops Rape Probe Against WikiLeaks Founder Assange

Swedish prosecutors have dropped a rape investigation against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.The probe began when a Swedish woman accused him in 2010 of having unprotected sex with her while she was sleeping, after she repeatedly refused to have unprotected sex with him.Deputy Chief Prosecutor Eva-Marie Persson told reporters the case was dropped although prosecutors found the woman’s claim “credible.””My assessment is that all investigative measures that can be taken have been taken,” Persson said. “But… the evidence is not strong enough to file an indictment.”Assange, an Australian citizen, has repeatedly denied the allegation.The statute of limitations in the case was set to expire in August 2020.Tuesday’s decision by Sweden’s prosecution authority follows a June court ruling that Assange should not be detained.Assange was evicted from the Ecuador Embassy in London two months before the June decision after seven years of diplomat refuge.British authorities arrested him immediately and he is now serving a 50-week sentence in a London prison for jumping bail in 2012.Assange, an Australian citizen, has repeatedly denied the 2010 allegation against him.Assange is also battling extradition to the U.S., which says he is facing charges for publishing secret documents. 

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